Meet Justin Blackburn.

Justin Blackburn is a Creator, Life Coach, Viral Slam Poet, Author, and Comedian. Always connected to his Spiritual Gifts, Justin began giving Intuitive Psychic Readings at 22 years old at Spiritual Shops in the Southeast. From there Justin was hired at different Spiritual Businesses such as Kimah Healing Art Center, Costa Rica Yoga Spa, and Willow Dreams to be their Intuitive Healer. He also gave workshops and psychic readings at Spiritual Festivals throughout the south.

After years of accurately reading people’s energies, Justin realized there was nothing more accurate than teaching people how to be their own source. This is what inspired Justin to begin ‘Creating Yourself Coaching’ and create Coaching Packages that teach people how to be the deliberate empowered creator of their own life.

Justin is a Deeksha Blessing Giver, he completed the Munay Ki Shamanic Healing Course, completed Nick Tillia's Mastering Masculinity Course, as well as many others. Justin has always worked with the top Coaches in the Life Coaching Business like Nick Tillia, Amanda Frances, and America’s Life Coach - Stephen Lovegrove.

Justin and his Fiance, (relationship coach) Gianna Rackham, live in Asheville, NC with their dog Finn.

Justin enjoys writing, performing, and creating art in various mediums. He loves hiking, playing basketball, and making beautiful passionate love with his Fiance.