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What People Are Saying About Justin

Hiring Justin helped me manifest my first ever 5 figure Paid in Full Client. Prior to working with Justin, I remember crying, having so much fear around money. 

The most important thing he did was help me build a secure foundation within myself through enjoying my life. This foundation helped me manifest my soulmate, get engaged, and create a successful marketing business that I love. 

Amanda Riveria

Business Coach

Justin was able to meet me from a heart-centered space, open up a doorway into my own heart, and allow this powerful energy of love we generated together to guide us both.

He always pointed me back to my own inner authority, his own light merely reflecting back to me the forgotten brilliance of my own soul. 

Julia Phoenix

Relationship Coach

I can't express enough how powerful my coaching with Justin has been! 

In a session I defined my dream career, and landed it 3 months later. In another session, I decided I wanted to book a 4 video project for 5k, and within 2 months, a marketing agency hired me for the exact amount without ever even placing a bid on it. I also booked my first five figure month. 

Tyler Hale

Film Maker

As a creative who encountered lots of childhood trauma, I've had many therapists over my 48 years. They all had their credentials, doctorates, and masters, but didn’t come close to helping me like Justin does. Justin sees my soul instead of the diagnoses the world has thrown on me.

Thank you Justin for helping me realize my worth and the most important thing: how to be happy.

Alice Elrod


My name is Justin Blackburn. I am the Founder of Creating Yourself Coaching.

I inspire the artist, the entrepreneur, and the rebel to live in the powerful energy of their creations.

What if your whole life was your greatest masterpiece?

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Justin Blackburn's Spoken Viral Poem goes viral on Facebook. This one share from Willie Patterson shows 3.4 Million Views. Collectively, Jusitn's

I created a massively impactful viral poem with over 20 Million views collectively. I've had my work featured in prominent places. I've performed on big stages, and worked with successful, empowering artists who have performed all across the globe.

But, my biggest accomplishment is creating myself into the person I wanted to be and using that energy to transform other people's lives.

Are you willing to live in the power of your creation and deliberately manifest your life from there?

More Creative Lives Changed

Justin's energy was inspiring and his visionary meditations and perspectives helped me stay focused and keep going, as well as celebrate the accomplishments I had already made.

I feel like in the 5 months I have been working with Justin I have made more progress than in the last decade, and wish I had started working with someone like him sooner in the process. 

Meg Rivers

Author / Poet

I was a depressed, suicidal, stressed, anxious alcoholic who acted out in toxic ways.

Justin was able to help heal my childhood trauma, put my energy first, and embody the feelings I wanted to live in. From there, I manifested my soulmate who I am now married to, a higher paying job, I am in a band I love, and most importantly I love myself unconditionally.

Guillermo Mayorquin


Limitless Divine Energy

My clients live as their highest version no matter the circumstance.

My clients transform the negativity/trauma blocking them into the creative power of love.

My clients learn the art of deliberately creating the life they desire from within.

My clients become their own source of divine energy.

Justin is an extraordinarily authentic Coach

"As a skeptical poet I think most life coaches are full of shit, but any one who works with Justin is F***ing lucky!"

Caleb Calhoun // Author, Poet

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