Lives Changed

Others who are creating what they desire.

Amanda Riveria


Hiring Justin helped me manifest my first ever 5 figure Paid in Full Client!

His coaching showed me my purpose was more powerful than my fears and what the critical world around me thought about me.

Prior to working with Justin, I remember crying, having so much fear around money. I did now know anyone with money. Making money seemed like this big, overwhelming thing. Obviously, I don’t feel that way anymore. What a gift!

Justin taught me how to tap into more authentic positive energy and simply enjoy my life more.

However the most important thing he did was help me build a secure foundation within myself through enjoying my life.

This foundation helped me manifest my soulmate, get engaged, and create a successful marketing business that I love. 

Tyler Hale

2018 - 2022

I can't express enough how powerful my coaching with Justin has been!

For example,

In a session I defined my dream career, and landed it 3 months later.

In another session, I decided I wanted to book a 4 video project for 5k, and within 2 months, a marketing agency hired me for the exact amount without ever even placing a bid on it.

I also booked my first five figure month.

I learned how to control the meaning of things in my life.

Justin equipped me with the permission and tools to apply the most important universal laws to my life. I now create with so much ease that I see my desires and intentions manifest quickly.

Negative situations no longer have power over me.

I am in control of what I attach meaning to. Religion used to make me wonder what 'God's plan' was. Now I decide what happens to me.

Alice Elrod

2021 - Present

As a creative who encountered lots of childhood trauma, I've had many therapists over my 48 years.

I never expected Justin Blackburn could help me like he did, but he went above and beyond and raised me up.

I have had many therapists over my 48 years. They all had their credentials, their doctorates, their masters, but they didn’t come close to helping me like Justin does.

They all left me feeling like I couldn’t manage - like there was something irreparably wrong with me.

I am eternally thankful for Justin for seeing who I truly am beyond my past and diagnoses, for seeing my soul which led me back home to my soul.

Justin has a special gift for really knowing how to talk to the soul of a person. I went to therapy weekly for years and never felt as strong as I do now. Thank you Justin for helping me realize my worth and the most important thing, how to be happy.

Guillermo Mayorquin


Signing on to be Justin Blackburn’s client is the greatest decision I ever made!

I was a depressed, suicidal, stressed, anxious alcoholic who acted out in toxic ways.

Justin was able to help me transform my childhood trauma, teach me how to put my self first from a place of source, and create the version of myself that I wanted to be.

From there I was able to embody the feelings I wanted to live in, and I manifested my soulmate who I am now married to. I landed a higher paying job, and I am in a band I love.

Most importantly I learned to love myself unconditionally.

Justin is so embodied in his divine energy that his coaching invites you into your own. Thank you for showing me who I truly am and how to create my life from there.

Julia Phoenix


I’m a shadow worker / relationship coach. I’ve had a bit of resistance in the past towards Life Coaches who emphasize Law of Attraction principles. I’ve always disliked the tendency to bypass suffering and unsavory emotions I’ve witnessed in spiritual teachers and life coaches, and those who follow them.

Intuitively, I was strongly drawn to Justin’s authentic personality, humor, and depth. I had a feeling he was just the person I wanted to work with; someone who wouldn’t bypass the shadow, but rather, help me ground it into an overall experience of more light in my everyday life.

I couldn’t have been more right.

Justin is what I would call an “alchemical shaman of the Heart.” His medicine is heart alchemy medicine. Justin was able to meet me from a heart-centered space, open up a doorway into my own heart, and allow this powerful energy of love we generated together to contain and guide us both.

From this container of Love, Justin worked in an adept and powerfully present way to move with me through whatever arose. His insight and channeled wisdom helped me see how I could move through distorted beliefs and abuse patterns I was carrying, and use these “un-truths” as raw energy at my disposal in order to become even more aligned with the resonance of the Truth that was beating in my own very heart.

A thing I love about Justin is that while he was always able to steer the process of our sessions with authority and skill, he clearly also had the understanding of the innate healing capacity within each being, and was able to let that be the center point of the entire experience.

He always, always pointed me back to my own inner authority and the power of the Love that drives me. To me, this is the mark of a true Healer. He met me as an equal, his own light merely reflecting back to me the forgotten brilliance of my own soul.

I left each session with Justin feeling empowered and hopeful. For a person like myself—who has survived unspeakable abuse, incest, and an upbringing in a cult, not to mention various addictions, eating disorders and physical health challenges throughout the years—that is no small thing.

I’m so grateful to Justin for the glimpses he gave me into my own divinity, the new insights and tools he gave me for shifting my perspective and acknowledging myself in more loving ways, and the new sense of purpose and possibility I now have because of my work with him.

I recommend Justin to anyone who is seriously ready to come home to themselves and recognize the life they came here to live.

Keith Griffs


Justin is the real deal. A pure genius coach who gave me my life back.

I had been suffering crippling anxiety since all three of my kids were diagnosed with epilepsy. I would live in a constant state of worry and fear.

In a single session he did an exercise with me that forever changed me. I released that anxiety and it opened up so much space to create love and see my kids for the amazing beings they are.

Working with Justin has saved me so much money because he was so easily able to pin down and give me the tools to transform exactly what was happening to me that I don’t have to waste anymore money on that crippling issue.

Even more importantly, working with Justin has saved me so much time. As I am no longer wasting it in anxiety spirals. I am able to spend more time as the authentic me, the person I was born to be. This gives me more time to give that authentic version of myself to my wife, my kids, my business, and the world around me.

You are a miracle maker Justin. You allowed me to create from a place of pure love and joy again.  

Meg Rivers


After having been a life and career coach myself for 20+ years, I hired Justin to have a fresh set of eyes on a decades-old research project where I worried I was stagnating.

Justin's energy was inspiring and his visionary meditations and perspectives helped me stay focused and keep going, as well as celebrate the accomplishments I had already made.

I feel like in the 5 months I have been working with Justin I have made more progress than in the last decade, and wish I had started working with someone like him sooner in the process.

I chose Justin specifically for the voice I heard coming through his poetry and posts, an authentic, humble male voice I hadn't heard before.

After years of traditional therapists and psyche dogma and bullshit that didn't help anything, I wanted someone unscripted who wasn't going to put my needs and worries in a box where all their other clients already lived.

Justin is different and awesome and I've just finished the first draft of a chapter that took me 12 years to write.

Thanks for your support and help Justin, I hope you'll be there to watch the journey into my most authentic life unfold.

Garret Graham


Justin Blackburn is by far one of the best life coaches in the industry.

No matter how bad it felt, Justin held the most empowering energy for my future well being while loving me fully where I was at.

For example, my partner broke up with me - I spiraled. Justin held a powerful vibration for me, letting me know that breakups don't mean the end. He shed light on how I was co-creating this. He helped me stop going into that energy, and months later we got back together.

The true love Justin provided me with was like ‘damn, I wish I could fully give that love to myself.’ After working with Justin, it is natural.

Justin helped me create a more empowered version of myself and provided the positive step by step actions to take to sustain that energy and bring my desires into real life.

Wow, I highly recommend Justin for anyone ready to take their life to the next level, to step full into their power as a creator in this realm, and truly embody their fullest potential of what it means to be a human being in this highly transformational age.

Monica Lynn


Justin and his life coach program are amazing!

Justin coached me through fear and doubts, kept me on track of envisioning the best possible outcome and deciding what I really wanted to do.

I received a great job offer shortly after working with him and took it. One month into the career I past a very high goal I set for myself and made 5 figures. All this while being my own boss, making my own schedule and getting to traveling.

The best part is I’ve been genuine to myself in all of this as Justin reminded me that my purpose is to bring my good energy. Justin was just what I needed and life altering. That might sound cliche but it is true.

Justin helped me in many other ways where I was previously having trouble.

Justin helped me to work through childhood abandonment issues and past bad relationships fears while guiding me through the career and money fears that were blocking me from reaching my full potential.

He helped me to get out of own way and find a way to move forward, all while being the best version of myself and thriving in all of that.

Justin is very real.

He will ask you what you want, where you’re feeling stuck or just start a conversation with you and be able to pick up on those things because he listens and is so in tune with his clients.

He is also intelligent in a way where it feels like so much more than just a life coach session. At times it feels like a therapist session with a very wise and experienced doctor, addressing underlying things that need to be addressed to be able to reach our goals and desires.

Immediately I saw a felt a difference in myself with getting over some of my past trauma. A weight had been lifted off of my shoulders and healing was actually happening.

My relationship improved because there were less fears coming up to worry me and interrupt its growth.

I am so grateful of him!! I recommend him to anyone looking for a life coach. He will motivate you while feeling like a friend, a spiritual guide, a therapist and your biggest cheerleader all at the same time.

Justin will help you get unstuck and be able to finally live the life you want, all while being genuinely yourself. After all that’s what we are Meant to do!

Thank you Justin Blackburn!!

Ashton Robertson


Justin helped me during one of the darkest times of my life.

I had recently lost my ability to walk and was struggling staying positive.

Justin really helped me move through my emotions and remember how to find the source of who I am, which I used to have no problem with, but was struggling during my recovery so much.

Justin helped me remember to bring who I am, into my pain, not only to help me face it, but to transform it.

I felt my body start to detoxify. That may sounds wild, but i truly believe the energy he helped me tap into allowed me to alchemize, my pain into healing.

I walked away feeling SO much brighter, but also armed with techniques how to face my aliments. Not an easy thing at all, but learning to remember who I am in the face of all of what I am facing is truly POWERFUL.

I cannot recommend Justin enough, and I will be forever grateful for him, for being there when I truly needed it.

Annie Ellie


After my mom passed, I was really angry at God.

Justin created a safe space for me to feel that raw anger and hatred towards God. From that safe space, I was able to work through it and heal it.

This validation lead to a deeper level of acceptance. From there he showed me a way out. I didn't have to let go of my mom, but I also didn't have to live in the trauma of losing her.

Justin also led me through a traumatic breakup with an insecure man. We uncovered where I was giving my power away, and I took it back!

Naturally, this lead me into an even better relationship; Now I am with a man who sees me in wholeness and is growing with me, rather than with a man who wants to stunt my creative growth.

Justin's compassionate, yet empowered nature breaks down my seemingly large problems into small, digestible steps that align me with my inner being, propelling me into a life of thriving instead of surviving.

If you want to remember how to harness your innate power, work with Justin Blackburn!

Lauren Mckinney    

2016 - Present

Justin helped me create and become a more empowered version of myself!

I am no longer that shy person with unhealthy relationship patterns.

I am now a person empowered in speaking my truth, a person with a new, healing perspective on my past trauma, a person who can transform her anxiety, a person who manifests more money, a person who has comes into my power and knows my freaking worth!!

Thank you Justin!

Marissa Knappert


Let me begin this by naming off a few descriptive words and let's see if you can catch the wave I'm riding in on… Creative, kind, smart, vulnerable, pure energetic being filled with an abundance of positivity, love and healthy knowledge that benefits others.

In a few months of working with Justin I was able to break down my gray areas and progress further than the years prior.

Justin gives you room to explore what you are feeling, while helping you see where the feelings came from. From there you can see with clarity how your negative beliefs are just false premises from childhood and then your healing can actually start.

He is not afraid to get down to it and call you out, but in a respectable, polite yet stern way. He has been the first person to call me out on my Sh** where I didn’t feel triggered or attacked because he keeps the energy safe and from a place of positive love.

He is also someone who will get vulnerable with you. For myself that really helped me feel like I wasn't being judged and misunderstood, that there was someone else genuinely wanting to listen to help me grow into my higher self, a healthy version of myself. This made working with him so much more beneficial and progressive.

Justin is definitely a life coach that puts his heart into helping others and it shows profoundly in every session. You will walk away with newfound knowledge, confidence, and tools that help you become who you want to be in your daily life.

I wanted to get to the core of who I truly was beyond society’s conditioning. In search of exponentially accelerating my personal growth, I found Justin. I questioned hiring him at first because I was afraid to step into the unknown. Now, I am so glad that I did. I highly encourage others to do the same. Justin teaches you how to fill up your own cup in every aspect of your life, giving you sustainable results.

Thank you Justin for working with me, I am forever grateful for the clarity, Support and healing you have given me. I look forward to working with you in the future as well! 

Mari Du Plessis


Due to the Transformational impact of Justin’s Coaching, my relationship with my partner is no longer a secret.

I am excited to say I have grown to love myself and forgive those I thought I have forgiven!

Every session had it's own revelation, lesson and inspiration.

It was worth every tear.

Thank you Justin!

Alex Demers

2021 - Present

For the first time I'm really on my way to give myself this undercurrent of love feeling, which is something I usually only feel when I'm with someone. 

Working with Justin was a life changing experience because I now have the tools to love myself fully.

Even though I've been doing this work for years, I still had my limits. There were aspects of myself I never touched.

Justin was able to hold the deeper space so I could feel safe enough to explore myself in new loving ways.

He provided the tools for me to confront and transform the lower conditioned vibrations into more empowered, authentic reflections of who I am beyond what I was told in my past.

I am now in a wonderful habit of celebrating and appreciating all the things I do for myself.

If you're thinking about working with Justin, do it. I'm so glad that I did, it genuinely changed my life forever for the better!

Thank you! I really mean every word of it, working with you has absolutely been one of the best decisions I've made!

Taylor Baldwin


Working with Justin Blackburn is euphoric.

Justin helps me open my heart with emotional exercises that prepare me for the rest of my journey. I feel safe from judgment.

He breathes into existence a net of awareness within me.

His abilities are honed exceptionally and he seems tremendously grateful to give the information as well! The energy between us is so relaxed.

He eases me deep into a meditational journey much like a lucid dream, guiding me to find parts of myself that do not feel loved so we can meet them with love!

His intentions are true. This is what makes him so capable of clearing away the perceived negativity we so often procure. My soul―our souls― are intrinsically perfect.

Justin is a bold, in control, spiritual wrecking ball, ready to help us tear down the walls we’ve built up against love and our desires.

McKenzie O’Neal


I was drawn to working with Justin because of his authenticity and compassionate nature.

I could feel it even before speaking with him, just in the way he presented himself online and this was something I really desired to activate and draw out in myself.

Through our sessions, even just being in his presence, I was able to break down barriers to receiving love just as I am now.

I saw through illusions that were keeping me from receiving NOW.

He also kept it real with his humor and stories and metaphors that relaxed me and helped shed light on areas of my life from a new perspective.

Working with Justin is such a joy!

He’s a beacon of love and safety and acceptance and will remind you of who you truly are.

Johnny Delaware


Justin Blackburn is an incredible life coach. For anyone struggling, I highly recommend hitting Justin up. The thing I love about Justin is that he focuses on the beautiful and positive things within ourselves to tap us into our true potential and step into the future with growth and curiosity. I believe in Justin. 

Bella Porter

Justin Blackburn is one of the most amazing human beings on the planet! The embodiment of a Life Coach!

Dawn Kathleen


If you or someone you know is struggling with any area of their life, I highly recommend working with Justin Blackburn.

I have worked with him and I love the transformations I see.

Michele Griffen


Justin is phenomenal.

Brandon Pfeiffer 


Justin is honest, direct, energetic, enthusiastic, and hilarious.

He helps me realize how useless my worries are.

Even when I think I know myself pretty well, Justin has done a great job at seeing through some of my excuses and helping me figure out what's important to me.

No matter what I bring up, he's supportive and encouraging and actually heard and seen and understood to my soul.

Working with Justin has expanded me and made my dreams possible.

Manisha Sharma


Justin is an amazing amazing coach, very to the point yet loving and spectacularly thorough.

Justin is beautifully aware and able to give you the exact guidance you need.

A no bullshit coach with a very loving and charming masculine presence.

I cherish every minute of working with Justin.

Rose Wineburg  


Justin Blackburn is my go to coach to guide me back to myself.



Without Justin Blackburn’s Coaching I wouldn’t be alive right now. Real talk.



Justin is the best life coach ever.

I’ve been stuck on a trauma cycle for….ever.

For the first time since forever I have clarity - and only after two weeks in Justin’s coaching container.

Carolyn Onken


Justin Blackburn changed every aspect of my life.

I went from being in a loveless marriage to a passionate marriage with the same exact man.

Justin showed me how my thoughts and feelings create my reality and taught me how to embody the future I desire through my own feelings.

Instead of seeing myself as a problem, Justin showed me how to focus on myself as the “Solution.”

In doing this I noticed my husband was less angry, and less annoyed at me. As we kept the positive energy flowing I found us actually spending time together laughing.

Slowly and steadily the more positively I viewed him, the more positively he viewed me.

I am proud to say we go on dates again and our passion is stronger than it was 25 years ago.

I’m not saying it was easy and it took time, but I don’t understand how I lived so unconsciously before working with Justin!

Also, I am painting again. I even sold a couple.

Thank you so much Justin Blackburn  

Cathy Lambert


Just thinking of Justin’s beautiful soul brings me to tears.

Justin’s care and insight are beyond what words can convey.

Justin has a gift to tell me exactly what I need to hear in the most loving and caring way I ever experienced.

I will never doubt how special I am now as he has infused my soul with divine inspiration and direction.

Much love Justin!”

Terri Coleman


Don’t be mistaken by Justin’s fun and informal manner.

He’s just so down to Earth.

He identified and helped me heal a repressed issue I had with my father.

He showed me how to change the energy within myself to get the outcome I desire. This has had such a positive impact on the relationship with my father and men in general.

I strongly recommended working with Justin for any issue you have where you long for a positive solution.

Eva Knox


Justin thinks outside the box more than almost anyone I’ve known, in a way that challenges you to notice your assumptions and choose more empowered and freeing beliefs.

He is committed to living with passion, joy, and love for himself and others.

He passes this energy on to all his clients.

He helps you replace your negative habitual ways of thinking and feeling with unconditional loving acceptance and self approval.

Thank you Justin for always inspiring me to live greater than my conditions, with greater confidence, greater joy, and greater passion!